The fabulous Mike Stern asked me to do a guest session for his most excellent Electronic Propaganda show on Future Music.

I was pretty chuffed as Mike does an excellent DJ set and has had some great guests in the past 9 shows.  You can catch the lot here 

Recorded totally live (admittedly it did take three takes) with the usual variety of hardware synthesizers and effects units.

The set started out being new stuff but it turned into a retrospective of old stuff, remade in a different way

I’ll put the track names on later :)

Someone asked me a while back what an x0xb0x through a Big Muff Bass Pi sounded like.

This might be the answer.


Well as you may or may not know posterous, where I was previously hosting is closing down at the end of the month so I’ve moved all the content from their over to Tumblr here and switched the domains, I’m sure that there’s some stuff that doesn’t quite work as I expect but hey it’s free :)

I’ll probably continue just posting stuff I like and stuff I’m doing and various other occasional rants and moans about music and stuff.